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China Business Strategy is a strategic consulting firm and business advisory service which focuses exclusively on the China (PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong) markets.

China Business Strategy provides corporate advisory services, private executive briefings, due diligence, competitive intelligence and private research to companies who want to succeed.
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The company is headed by Paul Denlinger , who has 20 years' experience working with fast-growth Chinese and global winners. Because Paul has a native-language command of both Mandarin Chinese and gaming club English, China Business Strategy is able to give its clients a unique inside view of what is happening in China found nowhere else. Having managed in China, he knows what's needed to succeed in today's highly competitive China market.

Paul writes and publishes the Daily News & Analysis feature on this website, which offers an up-to-date commentary on the Chinese economy. In addition to consulting services, he is a public speaker, speaking on a wide range of China-related business topics.

He is a frequent writer, and his articles are syndicated internationally through Agence Global.

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